Body Weight Workouts To Lose The Fat

Despite many people’s notions, you can achieve a great lean and hard body without any weights at all. You want a perfect example; check out the bodies of gymnasts. They are hard, sculpted, and ripped. There training barely involves any weights at all. What they do use are their bodies for resistance. And if you want to have a lot of fun, you can go to the local park and use the equipment on some of the jungle gyms such as monkey bars and steps. Here is a list of some bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere if you are pressed for time.

Pushups: Pushups are one of the staples when it comes upper body exercises and has been that way for the past 100 hundred years. Many longer, but I haven’t read any reports of people doing pushups for fun. You can do pushups in varying hand placements and even with weights if you have a weighted vest. To work more your triceps, place your hands in a diamond pattern and perform pushups that way. You could also turn your hands 180 degrees with your fingers pointing towards your toes. Although this is an awkward position, it is a great triceps exercise.

Another great upper body exercise is pull-ups. Pull ups are probably the king of all upper body exercises because you are using many muscle groups and its really taxing on your body. Not many people can do a proper pull up. You can use different hand placements as well. The wider your hand placement with an overhand grip, the more you will be engaging your lats. The closer your hand placement, you will be targeting more your biceps and flexor muscles. An underhand grip is going to work more your biceps, especially if its close grip.

Reverse walking lunges are a great lower body exercise because it is also very taxing on your cardiovascular system. You can grab two 1 gallon milk jugs, fill them up with water or sand and these will act as your dumbbells. Pick a nice long path and start performing your reverse walking lunges. You could also do them going forward as well. To make the movement harder, take both gallons and push them overhead. From this position hold them at the top and perform your lunge variations. This movement will bring your core more into the picture because of the overhead nature of the movement.

As you can see, your options are not limited to the amount of equipment you have. It is really just about your creativity.

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