6 Highly Effective Chest Home Workouts Without Equipment

We all realize that there are benefits to be gained from a good chest workout…improved posture, burning fat and adding tone and definition. Yet we often think of reasons not to exercise. We may cite the high cost of a gym membership, the expense of weights or the difficulty of motivating ourselves. The great news is that there are fantastic options available and you can obtain excellent chest home workouts without equipment.
The joy of this chest home workout is that each exercise is a variation of the remarkably efficient push-up. These chest exercises provide you with the option of building strength gradually by beginning with fewer repetitions or if you are an experienced trainee, you can jump ahead to the more advanced exercises. Incorporating these exercises into your fitness routine will provide you with an at home chest workout that is more effective than any expensive fitness class or gym workout.

Note: to get the most out of every exercise listed below, make sure you keep your butt and stomach tight for every single repetition you perform.

Let’s get started:

1. The Grasshopper Push-Up:

· Start by laying face down and use your arms to push yourself to the “up” position of the push up
· As you begin to lower your body, maintain your left leg in a straight position as you move it slowly to the outside of your right leg
· While pushing yourself back into the “up” position bring your left leg into the normal push up position
· Repeat this move with your right leg. Remember: push up, cross over, return to regular position and switch to the other leg

Key concept: Keep your torso aligned with an imaginary straight line on the floor. Gradually increase the number of reps each time you workout.

2. The Clap Push-Up:

· This consists of a variation to the standard push up. As you push up clap both hands together before returning to the start position. If you want to increase the challenge,  touch your hands to the back of your head or to your chest.

Key Concept: This excellent chest exercise works multiple chest muscles. Increase the reps you perform gradually. This is exceptional for increasing muscle mass, building strength, and burning body fat.

3. The Spiderman Push-Up:

· Begin by pushing to the “up” position
·  As you lower, move your left knee to your left elbow. Angle your left leg to the side to create the “spider effect”
· As you press up return your left leg to the starting position
· Repeat on your right side

Key Concept: This exercise is significantly more difficult than it may seem. It is important that you keep your torso as straight as possible. Maintaining a straight torso will increase the challenge to your core. For more challenge adjust your hand width to a more narrow position or place your feet on a stability ball or a secured bench.

4. The Walking Push-Up

· Begin by pushing up into the “top” of the push up
· Move your left hand in front of your body as you bring your left foot forward as you would while walking
· As you walk forward descend and do a full push up
· As you reach the top walk your right hand and foot forward and raise and lower yourself into a push up

Key Concepts: This is very challenging exercise. Aim for form over repetitions. Remember: keep your butt and stomach tight the entire time.

5. The One Arm Push-Up

· Simply do your push up using only one arm
· You may want to do the push up from an elevated table or secured bench as an intermediate version of this difficult exercise

Key Concepts: This exercise requires a lot of strength so work up to it gradually by first performing the exercise with your hand on an elevated surface. Decrease the height over time until you can perform the push-up on the floor

6. Sliding Push-Up:

· Only do this exercise on a wood floor or non-carpeted surface
· Under each hand place a small towel or wash cloth
· Begin at the “top” of your push up with both hands resting on a towel. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders or slightly closer
· As you move down, position your hands to slightly wider than shoulder length by sliding them out
· As you press up, simultaneously move your hands together until they are directly under your shoulders or closer

Key Concept: Because this exercise incorporates a fly variation into the push up it uses nearly every chest muscle.  If you want a less challenging variation simply slide your hands together after you are in the “up” position.

These six at home chest exercises provide a first rate work out. No gym fees required, and you can do them from the comfort of your home! If you want great results give these exercises a try and you will be thrilled with the speedy results of your efforts. Have fun!

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