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Most pieces of chest training advice found online today have it all wrong. You see chest workouts in bodybuilding are meant for one thing, to give the physique the detail and image of a greek god. The biggest question in our society is still, how much can you bench press. So with that being said, we have to look into some possible reasons why regardless of your chest training workout, why you still don’t have the pecs you want.

The first issue is that most people are too focused on the barbell bench press. While this is the standard in American for strength, it doesn’t work very well for building big pecs. The problem with the bench press is that you end up using too much of your shoulders and triceps to raise the weight and not your chest. So the first step, the first thing that you must do is not train your upper body with the bench press.

Dumbbells are the biggest thing that you must add in your chest training workout routine. Simply put, dumbbells allow you to get a deeper stretch and a better range of motion which will put more stress and tension on your pecs which will lead to faster growth. I’m a big fan of dumbbell chest press movement since I really feel my pecs working and not my shoulder or triceps.

The next thing that you must add to your routine is flyes. While flyes won’t allow you use heavy weight, they will really target your chest better than any other movement. Why does it work this way? Well the line of pull that happens when you use flyes is most similar to the way that our pecs move. You also have to add in cable flyes since cable flyes keep constant tension on your chest. The more tension that we can have then the more growth we’ll get.

Lastly, we have to make sure that we use dips in our routine. Why dips? Aren’t they a triceps movement? They are but they are also a chest movement if we allow your pecs to drop forward. So if we lean our body forward during our workout then we’ll get a very deep lower pec stretch and we’ll feel like we’ve grown quickly. So if your chest training has hit a plateau, if you need to get more results then first take a look at your program.

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