Great Chest Workout Using Dumbbells

If you want to have a bigger chest, then doing bench presses is the best way to go about it. Instead of doing regular bench presses with a barbell however, you can also to chest presses with a dumbbell. This actually gives you a better workout simply because you have to use extra muscles to balance and stabilize the weights. There are tons of different chest exercise routines you can do. They can vary in weights, speed, and even form. Here is a great exercise that will get your chest burning and help build them up.

You will need several sets of dumbbells for this routine since you will be switching to different weight immediately after you’re doing with your set. The basic format is that you start with a weight that you can do about 15-20 reps with. You will be pressing up for 1 second and lowering the dumbbell for 1 second. There will be no rest at the top of the rep. If you can do way more than 20 reps, then the weights you are using is too light. The first time you do this you will have to experiment to find you weight range but after a few workouts, you will know exactly which weights you will need.

For the second set, you will increase the weight by 5 pounds and do as many as you can while keep good form. The second you start to get out of the right form, it means that the weight is getting too heavy. Always make sure you have the right form in order to prevent any unnecessary injuries. For the third set you will increase the weight again another 5 pounds and do as many repetitions as you can. You will continue to increase the weight until you can do no more than 5 reps. This should be completely in about 5-8 sets. Once you get to the last set where you can do no more than 5 reps, you would then start dropping the weight by 5-10 pounds doing as many reps as you can for each. How much weight you drop depends on how many reps you can do. Ideally, you want to be able to do at least 5. You will continue this until you get back to the weight you first started out with.

You can do this burn out exercise on a flat, incline, or decline bench. Since you’re constantly changing weights, if you have one of those adjustable dumbbells, it can be very handy. Remember to always keep good form. There is no point in pushing for that last rep if you can’t do with without the proper form. It only takes one injury to take you out of the gym for several weeks or months. No rep is worth it.

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