Three Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat

Stomach fat is very stubborn and depending on how long you’ve been packing it on, can really take some time to reverse the process. Many times people who are interested in using exercise and diet to rid their stomach fat go about doing it the wrong way. Here are three very effective exercises to lose stomach fat.

The squat is one of the best exercises to use if you are looking to get rid of your stomach fat. More specifically, the front squat will help concentrate more on your midsection. It is somewhat of a difficult maneuver to perform but once you get the hang of it, then you will really begin to feel it in your midsection.

Many people are familiar with the back squat yet have not heard of or tried the front squat. The actual squat technique is the same but instead of resting the bar on your trapezes you would rest the bar on the front of your arms. Approach and set the bar right on the lip of your front shoulders. Now you can either cross your arms to hold the bar or grab it with your palms face up. Put some low weight on there and do a couple of practice reps to see which is more comfortable.

Another great exercise to lose stomach fat is the renegade dumbbell row. This is a fairly simple exercise to explain. What you need to do first is get into a push up starting position but you need to be holding on to two dumbbells, one in each hand of course. While leaving one dumbbell on the floor to balance your body, slowly row the other dumbbell up. Lower the dumbbell and then repeat the process with the other arm.

When you are performing the exercise and balancing your body, you will really feel your abs work. I strongly suggest getting this awesome exercise into your workout routine to really sculpt those abs.

The last exercise I want to mention is the mountain climbers exercise. Also a great exercise to lose stomach fat and it is done by again starting in the push up position, this time without dumbbells. Now all you need to do is shuffle your knees up towards your chest like you were climbing a mountain only you are doing it on the gym floor. Shuffle back and forth fairly quickly and add it into your workout routine to really push your metabolism up to a higher level.

If you do add these exercises to lose stomach fat into your normal workout regimen, it will really help in speeding up your metabolism so you can lose that stubborn fat much quicker than before. Remember to always stretch and warm up though before you perform any exercise and ask a professional trainer if you are not sure about how to perform an exercise properly.

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