Choosing Used Exercise Equipment

When choosing to buy used exercise equipment you need to keep in mind a few thoughts. In this article I’ll share some of my experiences dealing with used exercise equipment manufacturers, which I have found, over the years, to be very helpful.

Now that we are officially head strong into a recession everyone is looking for ways to save money but still get good fitness machines. This has created a tremendous opportunity for the general public because these used fitness equipment companies can sell these pieces of gym equipment often for a fraction of their original prices.

These companies usually service corporate and commercial gyms, medical rehabilatation clinincs, institutions as well as residential clients.

They sell pieces of fitness equipment such as ellipticals, tredmills, exercise bikes, stair steppers to free weights and floor matting all available at discount prices. What these used exercise equipment remanufacturing companies do is purchase old exercise equipment, often from gyms that are going out of business or they need to move, rebuild these gym pieces and then resell them at a substantial discount, passing the savings along to the general population.

These companies rebuild the exercise equipment according to factory specifications before they are resold. Some of these used fitness equipment remanufacturing companies even offer a warranty on the refurbished pieces.

A tip to follow would be to understand the reputation of the used exercise equipment remanufacturer you are going to work with by asking for references, checking online and calling their customer service to ask general questions. If you are getting all good feedback then you know that you are truly getting a good deal on your gym equipment.

Also make sure the company has been around for at least 5 or more years because in the industry there are a lot of fly by nighters who are only in this market for a quick dollar and then leave the buyer high and dry with no place to turn for repair work. If the company has been around awhile chances are good they have their own used exercise equipment repair service with fitness equipment parts in stock.

By following a few of these guidelines you’ll find yourself investing more wisely in your next piece of gym equipment by purchasing used exercise equipment rather than new.

Bill Jones is a fitness equipment guru. Taking the time to understand the used exercise equipment market. To see what company he personally recommends visit for quality commercial fitness equipment plus this company has an excellent used exercise equipment repair service.

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