Yoga Exercises For Beginners

Yoga is, relaxation and sport, peace and sweaty fitness. It does not match? Let us teach you better! Yoga exercises strengthen and streamline not only the body include, but meditative elements that lead to serenity and balance.

beginner workout

It needs to yoga or a particular place, or any specific equipment for each exercise. With a simple mat and comfortable clothes you can do all the yoga exercises at home. We show six basic positions which even beginners in yoga. From sun salutation on cobra, warrior and dog to tree triangle and we cover the basic yoga exercises. As an extra, we betray each yoga exercise, what effect this has on the body and soul. The first yoga practice, which we believe is called the sun salutation.

Sun Salutation
A typical warm-up exercise in Yoga. The many position changes address all areas of the body, thus preparing the muscles on the asanas (yoga) before.
Both hands make the rib cage and exhale
Inhalation, while stretching both arms, shoulders and shoulder blades together, bottom harness (see picture)
Exhale, bend the upper body down and touch the floor with your hands
Breathe, stretch while the left leg back and put on the foot. The right leg stretch, upper body upright
Hold breath and also make the second leg back, the arms are pushed
Breathe out, leaving the forehead and chest touching the ground
Inhale, lift your upper body while
Exhale and come up with the pelvis, the heel pressed to the floor, the arms are pushed
Inhalation, while the right foot put forward to resolve arms from the floor and back stretch
Breathe out come with the left foot forward by stretch his legs, his hands on the floor
Breathe, stretch both arms over your head
Breathe out both arms to the hips lead
Sun Salutation repeat this first stretch your right leg backwards. Complete exercise three times to warm up the muscles.

beginner program

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