Three Cool Ways To Change Up Your Workout Routine

Every workout program is going to work for a while – and then, inevitably, it stops. To prevent this from happening, you gotta switch things up. Here are three ways to mix up your workouts and get moving towards those goals again:

1. Utilize supersets and circuits

If you aren’t using supersets and circuits in your workouts, you’re missing out and probably spending a lot more time in the gym that you need to be. There are two general approaches to superset training:

A. Same body part – good for burning out one body part. For example, you could do a barbell bicep curl and immediately follow it with a cable hammer curl.

B. Different body parts – this is good for more of a circuit training and cardio effect. Here, it’s best to superset non-competing muscle groups – upper and lower body, for example. This is the default way I program all workouts if the goal is fat loss and conditioning – it just makes the workout harder and helps get a lot more done in less time.

2. Change Your Split

Have you been training all of your major muscle groups at every training session? This is very effective for fat loss if you set your workout up right, but like anything, your body adapts to it and the approach stops working eventually. So if you’re training with a full body split, try doing a push-pull or something similar. And if you’ve been splitting up your body parts, try training them all at once for a change.

3. Change Your Training Implements

For example, if you’ve been using all barbells and dumbbells to train, switch to using kettlebells and your own body weight to do your training. This is a very simple and effective way to change up your workouts.

If your workouts are stale and have stopped working for you, try integrating some of these changes and supercharge your workout program today!!


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