Exercises For a Flat Stomach That Work

When searching the internet for exercises for a flat stomach that actually work, it is easy to become confused. Some people will tell us to be doing ab crunching exercises to tone up the stomach, others will tell us it’s all down to diet and some will tell you to do cardiovascular exercises every day. So which of these exercises for a flat stomach will actually un-laden us of our love handles and burn off the belly fat?

Of all the exercises for a flat stomach we come across, the only two that will actually make a big difference are a good diet and doing cardiovascular exercise. Get these two key components right and the flat stomach will come.

By a good diet we mean cutting out saturated fats such as in fast food and ready made meals. Stop snacking on pastries and potato chips and have some fruit instead. Brown wholemeal bread and pasta instead of the over refined white. Cut down on sugary fizzy drinks and alcohol – these drinks contain unnecessary sugars which the body just converts into fat when they don’t get burned off.

You should also keep an eye on portion sizes, and try to eat small meals 5 – 6 times a day to keep your metabolism working hard. Exercises for a flat stomach will only pay dividends if you do the right thing by your body by giving it the nutrients it needs to burn calories efficiently.

The best fat burning exercise for a flat stomach is jogging. Any cardio exercise will do a good job of burning excess fat, but jogging has been shown to be the most effective. What’s more, it is free! Apart from a pair of running shoes there is no expensive equipment to buy, and it actually works!

Jogging really does beat any other of the exercises for a flat stomach out there. It is recommended you jog for at least 30 minutes a time for 5 days a week. Each 30 minute jog should burn around 400 calories. If you stick to it for 5 days a week, after a month you will have burned 8000 calories! Do the math: 400 calories a day for 20 days a month = 8000 calories gone from your waistline! That is the equivalent to the recommended daily calorie intake of an average woman for 4 days!

So now you have learned about the best exercises for a flat stomach, it is time to put an action plan together. Think about the food you eat and how you could change it for the better. Plan when you are going to fit in 30 minutes of jogging every day. Could you jog to work instead of taking the bus? Once you get into a routine and stay committed to your exercises for a flat stomach, you will soon start to see the magic happen!

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