Five Best Tips to Motivate Your Lazy Self

How many of us out there are lazy? I know I am one of those people, especially when it comes to working out. Believe it or not, I am on the computer most of the day and have a hard time getting up in the morning to start working out or even trying to do a little exercise during the day. Below are five methods I have found that work well and can get me motivated. They might be able to help you, as well!

1. Get plenty of sleep. This has got to be one of my biggest, lazy person obstacles to overcome. I like to stay up late and then I am tired or downright lethargic for the rest of the day. When I say to get plenty of sleep, I mean consecutively during the night, not the occasional naps that we lazy people enjoy so much during the day. Of course, I am saying this at 2am on a Sunday night while I write this.

2. Wear your workout clothes to bed. This is the ultimate lazy-person trick. Go to bed in your sweats or jogging clothes and when you wake up in the morning, you’re already to go and work out. There is no mess, no stress, and no excuses. You are already wearing what you need for your workout. If you are really lazy, you can even wear the socks and shoes to sleep, too. Personally, I find the shoes uncomfortable, so you might just want to stick with a good pair of socks and keep the shoes at the foot of your bed.

3. Work out while you work. I work from home so I shouldn’t really have an excuse not to exercise, but somehow I come up with something. An ingenious way to overcome this is to force yourself to get up and do something through each commercial on television or, if you don’t watch television during the day (I don’t), set a timer to go off every fifteen minutes or half hour so you know it is time to do your exercises for five minutes. This could be something simple like walking in place, jumping jacks, a walk around your house, or even house cleaning for 15 minutes at a time. Just keep doing something while you are molding that couch cushion the rest of the time!

4. Keep track of what you do. Make a game out of your workout. Write it down right after you do it. This will help you to continue and see yourself increase in stamina. I do this because I am slightly competitive (for a lazy person) and I end up challenging myself to do more. Before you know it, you have a spreadsheet going and you are trying to fit an extra five minutes into your schedule here and there.

5. Use the buddy method. If you have a spouse or friend or dog or whatever, get them involved in your fitness program. It is easy to tell yourself, “I am through, I am done, I’m not going to move again.” However, if you have someone in your corner with you, they can be that nagging force to get you to move. They can also be there for you when you need to indulge in a bacon cheeseburger or want to run out for that scoop of ice cream. Buddies can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting motivated.

These are some very good methods to get yourself motivated if you are lazy like me. I have tried just about everything to get on track and start doing something every day. If you have any more tried and true methods, I’d love to hear your comments on them, because, as a fellow lazy person, I need all the help I can get. Thanks, in advance, for any advice you wish to share!

James Fowler has had a life-long love of gathering useless knowledge and bringing it up at inopportune times. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, spends his days building web sites and SEO campaigns for clients and coming up with new top five lists. When he’s not spouting trivia, James likes to dress up in armor and beat his friends with plumbing supplies in the form of a Live Action Role-Playing game (or LARP) called NERO. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Maggie, and their “menagerie” of Porthos the dog (as seen on the web site), and his other three musketeers, the cats: Sebastian, Cassandra, and Samantha. James writes for and other blogs.

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