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With home exercise equipment, you can have your own gym right at home, and have fitness be fun! Let’s face it.To stay fit and live long, you have to get the exercise your body needs. You can join a gym, but these days, for various reasons, most people don’t. Going to the gym is said to have been very popular many years ago, but not so much any more for a certain group of people.

Most people prefer to set up their own little home gym. It takes very little space (if done correctly and with some thought) and all you need is some basic equipment. Also, you already have your own shower, closet and clean clothes right there already. One thing you can do is to invite your friends over to work out with you like you did at the gym. Just like you did at the gym, you can also meet new people by joining workout groups in your community and take turns working out in each other’s home gyms. Another great benefit to exercising from home is that you don’t have to worry about having to wear the latest workout clothes fashions, which means you save money. At home, you can wear relaxed clothing, even if it is just plain sweat shirt and pants if you want to.

When exercising at home, just like you do at the gym, you need to pay attention to your workout routine to make sure you are actually working out and not just hanging out. It’s too easy to go too easy on yourself when no one is around. The point of exercise is to move your body and as many muscles as possible. This strengthens your muscles, burns energy (calories) and helps to maintain your weight by burning fat. The exercises you do can be a combination of cardio and strength training. That is the best combination. You can use a treadmill to cover off the warm up with a steady walk for 3 to 5 minutes. Then after that you can do a bodyweight workout or include dumbbells into that workout for your strength training workout. Then follow your weights workout with a 20 to 30 minute session of cardio. Of course, you can do the cardio before the strength training, but it is generally recommended that cardio be done after the weight training.

You can put together a home gym that has both cardio and weights, and do it in a way that takes up very little space too. And if you are really tight for space, you can even get a folding treadmill because there are several folding treadmills on the market that are high in quality (very high quality). It used to be that choosing a folding treadmill meant that you had to settle for a lower quality machine, but not anymore. Technology has also improved on the dumbbell weights and other free weights. You can get a home gym that includes all the weights you will need and that will allow you to perform dozens of exercises. All this means that you can definitely put together a home exercise private gym that is customized to you and your budget. And with all the options, you can create something that makes it fun to stay in shape.

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