Build Muscle Mass at Home Without Weights – Top 5 Exercises to Build Muscles Fast Revealed!

In order to build muscle mass at home we should preferably combine healthy workouts, diet and supplements. There is craze for flaunting a ripped appearance worldwide. Everyone craves to get six-pack abs and a killer physique. Most people also take up wrong techniques such as surgeries to exhibit a toned appearance, which can be extremely dangerous for your body in the long run.

Building muscle without weight can be possible by undergoing a strict diet and workout regimen. Nutrition plays an important role in muscle development. The muscle mass of your body can be increased by consuming high protein and low fat diet. Natural sources of protein mostly include egg whites, soy based products, oatmeal etc. You can also eat lean meats and fishes. High fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial for flushing out toxins because they are rich in anti-oxidants. One should completely avoid saturated fats.

Meal intake boosts your metabolism. In order to loose fats and gain muscle mass, one should take 6-8 small meals daily. Protein rich supplements such as whey and casein should be included in your diet plan. You can easily replace 1-2 meals with protein shakes, which can easily provide your body with tremendous energy.

Top 5 workouts to build muscles without weights

* Running: You can easily perform this workout from the comfort and privacy of your home by using a treadmill. This cardio workout mainly focuses on your lower body parts such as legs, thighs, butts etc.

* Bicycling: This is again a lower body workout, which can be performed at your home by using a stationary bike.

* Push-ups: It is considered to be the most effective upper body workout without weights. This exercise mainly emphasizes on your biceps, chest, triceps, fore arms etc.

* Abdominal Crunch: It’s a great workout for toning your upper body, which ranges from your chest to your abdomen. This workout is extremely important for attaining six pack abs.

* Squats: Body weight squats mainly focuses on your lower body such as glutes, hamstrings and thighs.

In order to perform these workouts, you need lots of strength and endurance, which can be easily attained by consuming Nitric Oxide. It increases your blood flow, which consequently supplies enough oxygen and water to your working muscles. Nitric Oxide helps in muscle pumping. It also prevents various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and heart problems. It nourishes your immune system and rejuvenates your nervous system. Nitric Oxide also acts as a anti aging agent and can easily stimulate weight loss.

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