Exercise for the Over 50s

One of the unfortunate realities that comes with ageing is that our bodies begin to handle stress differently — not just mental stress, but the physical stress that can come as a part of rigorous, routine exercise. However, these new complications can be worked with, and worked around, so that even those over 50 can keep exercising and stay in shape.

First and foremost, people over 50 should try their best to exercise each weekday rather than turn into what their younger counterparts call “weekend warriors.” Exercising each day, rather than one or two very long days each week, has been shown to reduce health risks and results in lower rates of injury than those who have very long, infrequent workouts.

Secondly, stretching becomes very, very important. The body is naturally less flexible and able to absorb shock as it ages; to combat this, a good stretching routine should come before any weightlifting or cardio exercise. Additionally, it is a good idea to “warm up” before you begin your more intense routines, as this will help loosen muscles and reduce the risk of injury. Try a brisk walk or a light jog before you hit the weights.

Because the body handles the stress of heavy weightlifting different at age 50 than it does at, say, age 25, it is important to change the way you approach weights. It is important to check your ego at the gym door and focus more on higher-repetition exercises with lighter weights. This will reduce the overall stress on your joints and bones, without reducing your muscle tone or definition.

It’s a good idea to supplement your healthy eating and regular gym routine with several supplements, including fish oil, calcium, and vitamin D. These supplements will help increase your overall health and aid in your body’s recovery after each workout.

Finally, it’s important to rest. Regular workouts are good, but without regular rest, they can be damaging and fatiguing.

There are many gyms in Liverpool that have exactly what the over 50 crowd is looking for in their workouts. It’s simply a matter of taking initiative and adjusting to a new way of thinking.


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