How to Gain Muscle Without Weights

The trouble with body weight only exercises is that nobody takes them seriously, by this I mean, they feel that they are not a real workout, so what happens, people goof around and then get hurt.Believe me if you crank out sets of chins and combine them with either push-ups or handstand push-ups you are going to be sore the next day.

These kinds of exercises includes push ups and pull ups. These two are very common exercise and you do not require any machine for these exercises. You can do them yourself without any help.While you are doing push ups both your chest and arms are pushing weights and while you are doing the pull ups your whole body is used as a resistance.

Yes, the above routines are very hard, but the real point I was trying to make is this, it does not matter how much weight you use-your muscles do not care they just know how hard they are working.

When bulking up, most folks quite rightly start taking on additional calories. However, they don’t always think about how to spread these calories out throughout the day. It is best to split your meals into 6 per day instead of the usual 3. This gives the body a consistent supply of energy and calories, and avoids bunching large meals together.

When looking at these photos, you have to remember that most of these people do not have your body type. The majority of them are overweight and want to lose fat, not gain muscle. ‘Well’, you say, ‘What about those people who transformed their bodies? They lost fat and gained muscle’. Yes, but almost all of these people were overweight, or had high levels of body fat. In other words, their metabolisms were, for the most part, slow. They simply dieted and trained for fat loss.

A lot of people are eating too many bad fat or simple carbs and not following a weight gain diet strictly. If you want to gain muscle weight the right and healthy way, stay away from eating junk food or fatty foods. Chips, candies, sweets, fast food, fried foods are all unhealthy and what you are gaining is fats and not muscle weight. Junk food contains a lot of trans fats or saturated fats which are a big No No to your weight gain diet.

Next you should take into consideration your exercise and how many days you train, so if you weight train for 25 minutes, 4 days per week you would expect to lose a further 500 calories per day x 4 = 2,000 calories. This means you are burning 17,050 calories per week. To eat your 2,100 calories per week over what you are burning, you would need to take in 19,150 calories per week, or 2,735 calories per day.

Because the body can only uptake so much protein in one shot, Normally 35 grams is max. The time frame to take protein is ideal, once in the morning after your body has burned muscle while sleeping, and again after your workout to replenish lost nutrients. Always take casein at night before bed, otherwise your workout for that day could be lost, your body will burn muscle as energy while you sleep.

The main source of you building muscle will be the number of repetitions that you do every time that you work out. This means that if you do more repetitions you will gain more muscle. When you build muscle in the absence of weights you want to increase the speed at which you do the exercises.

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