Best Type Of Exercise For Men

Best Type of Exercise for Men
There are numerous exercises and types of training for mens health. Some people may tell you that you have to do endless amounts of cardio exercise and others may give you a list of isolation exercises. Those are indeed not bad suggestions and they have their place. But the truth is that weight training, doing compound exercises are the best for mens health.
Building lean muscle should be the goal of every man. Im not talking about become a competitive powerlifter or professional bodybuilder. More so were talking about simply developing a better fat to muscle ratio. The more lean muscle tissue you have the more fat your body can burn. So its important to exercises that help you build lean muscle.
The problem with only doing cardiovascular exercise is that youre not building any lean muscle. This doesnt mean you shouldnt do any cardio as cardio is good for heart health. But if thats all youre doing you need to also implement resistance training. The two together will complement each other. If you dont do them on the same day do cardio one day then weight training the next and so forth.
Isolation exercises are normally done with weights but you dont want to make isolation exercises your primary goal. Instead you should focus on compound movements such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, any type of rows for back and overhead barbell presses (any type of barbell or dumbbell pressing or rowing movements are great for this). Compound movements do not target once specific muscle although they may work a certain muscle more than others; compound movements work many muscles which is ideal for mens health. These types of exercises help build more muscle, stronger joints and tendons, and they also help raises natural testosterone and growth hormone levels.
Continue with your cardio and even isolation exercises if youre already doing them. But make doing compound exercises a priority over these. Do isolation exercises after your compound movements and do cardio either after compound movements or at a separate time or day. This is the way to get the most out of your mens health exercise and muscle building routine.

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