Chest Exercises For Men

Of all of the different muscles that are worked out at the gym regularly, the chest is probably the one that most men spend the majority of time working on. The unfortunate thing is, many of them are working it in such a way that they see some results but not the amount of results that they could see if they worked properly.

Many guys waste tons of time in the gym lifting in ways that are not the most effective for getting a good looking chest. If you want a chest that is strong and, more importantly, looks strong you have to switch up your workout. Stop doing the bench press with the bar every time you workout your chest. If you have man boobs or if you have no chest at all you can benefit from these exercises.

So, what chest exercises for men are there? Well, if you are one of the people who had never been to the gym before, one exercise you must know of is chest push ups. Besides adding strength to your chest, this exercise will stimulate a small muscle called serratus anterior, which is the part responsible for the movement of your shoulder blades.

Chest Exercises For Men can be done with very basic equipment, for example could it be a set of barbells and a bench. While lying down on the bench lower the barbells to within 3 inches of your chest, just a tad below the Adam’s apple, and then lift it up and place it on the rack. As you are getting stronger you can gradually increase the weight

Dips are an awesome, but often neglected, exercise. You don’t need fancy equipment to perform dips (you can improvise with a couple of chairs), but, like the overhead press, you aren’t directly targeting your chest, so your gains will be minimized if you only do this movement.

To do a pseudo planche pushup, get in a regular pushup position with your elbows locked at the top of the movement. Now, lean your body forwards so you hands are now closer to being beneath your hips, as opposed to beneath your shoulders. Your elbows should still be locked in this position.

Dumbbell Flyes: Make sure you don’t lock your elbows when you do these. Really concentrate on flexing the chest to the top of movement for maximum effect. Concentrate on doing the movement slowly at first then work on adding heavy weights slowly.

Begin to place a small books under one arm and perform push-ups. Then place books under other hand and exercise other side. Develop your push-ups to the level where you can make a push up with one hand on at least nine inch high support.

The weight of the bar can be adjusted by adding or removing plates from the bar. It is always a good idea to have someone spotting when using a bench press because the weight can cause injury if the user is unable to lift it from his chest.

Although these chest exercises are great, you want to make sure you’re switching it up and increasing your intensity regularly. If you don’t progress, you won’t make gains. It’s as simple as that.

Keep a high protein diet with at least 1 to 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein. If you are looking to build muscle you should think about keeping a calorie surplus.

There are various exercises that you can do to improve the muscles in your chest. You just need to make sure that you will choose the one which will be appropriate for you. Always remember that each exercise has its own specialty. Learn to do exercises that can help you improve the body part that you want to look good.

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