Unconventional Ab Exercises For Men

Unconventional Ab Exercises for Men
Training abdominal and core muscles are an important factor in mens health. But there are many misconceptions on how to train your abs. Needless to say endless reps and sets of crunches and sit-ups arent the most effective way to train your abs. Of course diet and cardio play a tremendous role on being able to see your abs. But there are a few unconventional exercises that arent considered targeted ab exercises yet probably work your ab muscles better than any other exercise. Here are a few of the mens health ab exercises.
Deadlifts – This is indeed a powerlifting movement but doing deadlifts not only works your abs and core, but youre working almost every muscle in your body to some degree. If you want strong abs deadlifts is a great exercise to implement into your training regimen.
Front Squats This exercise is considered a great movement for building your quads but due to the nature of the movement youre working your abs and core pretty hard as well. You dont need to lift a ton of weight and form is of the utmost importance. In fact proper form on any mens health exercise is imperative.
Cleans Performing cleans is another superior strength building exercise in which most do not realize how much ab training theyre getting from it.
Tricep Pushdowns This exercise targets your triceps but also forces you to keep your abs tight during the movement and your body actually performs a short crunch-like motion.
Its fine to do targeted ab exercises. But if youre frustrated with the results of traditional ab workouts as many people are, you should try something new such as the exercises listed above. In fat weight training in general will stimulate your abdominal muscles. Remember, its not just about getting a six pack; mens health is also about strengthening your entire core.

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