Get Ripped Without Weights

Some folks that get bored with lifting weights find that they get much more enjoyment out of bodyweight exercises. They can be performed pretty much anywhere, and they do not require any special equipment. In addition to the conveniences of bodyweight exercises, they also have a much lower risk of injury, and are much easier on the joints. In this article, we will go over some basic bodyweight exercises that cover the major muscle groups. We will start with the leg muscles.

The most complete leg exercise is squats. Squats work out nearly every muscle in the legs, with the exception some of the muscles in the hips. They can be performed with both legs or on one leg at a time. If you try to do one-legged squats, brace yourself by holding onto something because it takes awhile to build up sufficient balance to do them safely.

For your back muscles, I recommend getting a doorway pullup bar, or going to a playground and doing pull-ups. Pullups work out nearly every muscle in your back, and provide a secondary workout for your arms. Pullups can be discouraging at first because they are very difficult. If you can only do one, do not be discouraged! It takes a long time to get comfortable doing pull-ups. To shift some of the emphasis on your biceps, try turning your palms so that they are facing towards your face.

For your chest and shoulders, do standard pushups, and incline pushups (with your feet on a chair). Pushups primarily work out the chest, and triceps, but they also provide a great secondary workout for the legs, abs, lower back, and shoulders- incline pushups shift some of the emphasis onto the shoulders. As a part of your pushup routine, I recommend adding in some dips to target the triceps.

And finally, for the abdominal muscles, try doing standard crunches, leg lifts, and hanging leg-raises. Leg lifts and hanging leg raises will provide a great workout for the oft-neglected hip muscles. Standard crunches are more than sufficient to work out your abs, especially if you are doing pushups and pull-ups already.

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