Butt Exercises For Men – A Home Workout

While most guys focus on building muscle and tone in their chest and arms thinking these are they key areas that attract women’s attention many forget to do butt exercises for men and end up with either a flabby set of buttocks or sometimes a flat bum with no musculature at all which is not optimal to look good or feel good.

While you may hit the gym or jog or a bunch of other things this will not be enough to get an athletic butt unless you focus on the exercises that work those glute muscles. Some great exercises you do not need to go to the gym for are:

1. Squats
Squats are one of the best exercises you can do or your bum and for everything else too … when at the gym you can load weight as well but this is not essential if you are just targeting your rear. Technique is the most vital part of doing a squat so make sure that you keep your back straight and stare straight ahead while tightening those butt muscles hard along with your core muscles as you descend and ascend. It is this tight focus as you do squats that will exercise the bum and also many other muscles releasing growth hormones while you do it which happens with an all body exercise like this.

2. Gluteus Kickback
This is pretty simple but if you are not too flexible you may not to do some stretching before hand. Get down on your hands and knees and lift your chin to look forward. Raise one leg behind you until the foot is above you head and your knee lifts to the same height as your torso so the upper leg is now horizontal. Clench the buttock of the raised leg hard as you slowly lower it back down after holding for a few moments. Repeat with other leg and do 8-12 reps are recommended.

3. Step Ups
You need a raised platform for this so you can step on to. Not just any old step by the way as this will be too low. The aim is to step onto something that is knee height and or preferably more then using just the leg that has stepped and the muscles of that buttock to launch the rest of your body up to stand next to it. This is just like climbing giant stairs but you should have good form meaning a straight back and no cheating with your hands or swinging your body around … make your leg and bum work for that step!

There are many more butt exercises for men that can help you achieve a better looking bum and there is also another aspect that must be looked at or you will never quite have the shape your desire. That extra component is lowering your body fat especially around the hips, waist and the bum where the body finds it very easy to store fat and if you are working in an office environment this is rampant.

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