Cardio workouts at Home with no weight training required

People often mistake fitness as going to gym and making oneself strong. Fitness is not about going to gym and bulging up the biceps to an extra inch. There are two kinds of exercises which makes one fit. One of them is the cardio workouts which are considered as the most important one among the two. Cardio means exercising our body in a manner in which we lose the body fat and tone up our muscles which is considered the better one. Even if you go to gym the trainer may ask you to spend some timing running on the treadmill. Some of us believe and follow only the cardio exercises. We don’t want to get bulgier lifting up weights. The other kind of exercise is the weight training exercise where the person is expected to lift up weights. You might have seen a lot of body builders how they manage to get so stronger and powerful. When you talk about the bodybuilders, they have just had to keep on lifting weight and increase their power. Weight training is also been done by a common athlete. An athlete may not undergo the kind of weight training which a professional bodybuilders does. You have to be different from what others are. Besides doing cardio exercises an athlete also do some weight training to tone up their muscles and get tougher physically? You can see the NBA basketball players who also have to do weight training to make sure that they keep their fitness level up to the mark. There are many such things which if followed can help gain fitness. Yoga is another kind of exercise which can also help being fit. Yoga is just the slow physical movement which can help boost up your physical and mental health. When you come to the cardio aspect, running is the most common. Running a mile everyday can help a person in his aspirations of losing up the fat content from his body.

PERFORMING CARDIO EXCERCISES AT HOME: Performing cardio exercises can do a wholesome good to your physical and mental well being. It’s not necessary that you have to join a gym nearby your house to gain health. Gym is something which is been discovered and followed recently. It is nothing like that the moment you think of getting fit, you have to join a gym. Gym has become a common thing which you hear. even a 16 year old guy goes to gym now a day’s which shouldn’t have happened because for a male the growth goes on till 21 and if a 16 year old teenager goes to gym he may not achieve his maximum growth. So we often mistake our self and body and take a decision which we later consider as foolishness. If we look at the cardio aspect, we can be slimmer fitter. The slimmer and fitter we are the more confident we feel about ourselves. We gain more confidence from within. Do you expect a person who is fat to take part in a running competition? He as a fat person will always stay away from running and will restrict himself in everything. Obesity is another thing which has become a sort of serious concern for each one of us. Being obese means adding an extra pressure and extra pound on oneself. There has been a lot of concern raised against obesity but still there are people who being obese believes that lifting will help them lose weights and get stronger as well. In case of obesity, one has to be extremely discipline and put oneself on a strict diet and carry on with the cardio exercises. Weight training is, meant for people who are under weight and who has less bone density. So ladies can carry on with cardio exercises and after some month of this training, they can lift some light weights and boost up their strength. Running an extra yard can help you more than lifting some extra kilos. Even you can make your home as a small gym where you can speed up your intensity. It’s not just going out for a walk or for jogging that you gain health. You even can turn your small home or a part of your house as a work out center, where you can perform various cardio work outs.


Weight training when you look at the bigger picture, it always gives you an impression that you may be stronger than the guy next door but you can’t  guarantee that you can win a race against a slim guy. That’s the difference between the two. If you ask me weight training should be left over to the body builders and let them carry on with this. The normal guy should look for cardio exercises and make one fitter.  Running is the best form of cardio exercises. If you can’t or if you find it difficult to run who can walk? Walk in the sense, you should walk at a brisk pace. Walking can be a choice left for the aged ones but if you are a young person you should make the better use of your strength and try to run fast. Another reason why I would tell you to quit weight training is that it only focuses on strength but cardio can support your muscle power as well as increases your stamina to a greater extent. Now. You would ask me as to why then the body builders are not going the cardio way. Well. It’s very simple body builder’s job is to lift up weights and it is part of their profession and for power lifter they are supposed to focus on weight training entirely. It is as simple as that.


So, my advice to each and every reader is that you should have a look at this article and try gaining some knowledge if they are really health driven. This article will also help to clarify the misconception which one has towards fitness.

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