Three Arm Exercises Women Should Practice Daily

The arm exercises women should practice daily to tone the arms are somewhat different from those for men looking to build muscle. Rather than increasing muscle mass, women are often looking to merely tone the arms, and shift any stubborn arm fat that may damage self-confidence and self-image. Thus, rather than focusing on heavy resistance training, women can benefit from a combination of female-specific arm exercises.

The first of these arm exercises women can use to tone excess arm fat is known as the walking. Adopting the reverse crab posture, the arms are dipped and re-straightened (but not locked) to tone the triceps muscles, usually in reps of around 10 to 20. It’s not unusual to find this exercise difficult at first, particularly if your arms are weak. However, if you persevere, this is one of the best arm exercises women can use to tone their arms.

Another fun and easy exercise you can use to tone up those triceps and biceps is shadow boxing – that is, punching the air to build muscle and define those arms. For added difficulty, you should mix up your punches into combinations, including across the body and ‘uppercut’ style movements, and hold a weight in each hand for greater impact. Also, it’s important to make sure you’re not just extending your arms, but actually punching the air with force. By making sure you punch as hard as you can, you’ll get the most out of this exercise.

Half push ups are also a fantastic way to strengthen those arms. Half push ups are different from regular push ups in that the knees carry the strain. Half push ups are less strenuous, but their impact is less to build muscle than to tone and define the arms, and more importantly, melt that arm fat.

If you pursue a routine of these 3 arm exercises on a regular basis, you’ll notice over time your arms become stronger, slimmer and more toned, and you’ll get rid of any unwanted fat around that area.

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