Working Out With Jane Fonda Workout Videos

The queen of aerobics is all set to release a set of new DVDs this time focusing on seniors who have never exercised before. She is of the opinion that everyone must be in shape no matter what your age and regardless of a knee replacement surgery and a hip surgery she is keen to make a comeback. Her 1980s workout videos generated a new-found interest and passion among women to start working out to stay fit and healthy.

But the recent video does not focus so much on lifting heavy weights or jumping or running. Rather, it is for those who feel that they are too old and very unfit to begin exercising. The focus is on walking and marching techniques targeting at low-impact exercises to build strength and cut down on extra weight.

Benefits Of Exercising With Jane Fonda Workout Videos:

The greatest advantage of Jane Fonda workout videos was that they catered both to women who were in the habit of exercising as well as those who had never flexed a muscle before this!
By simply following the instructions carefully, you could lose a total of nearly five pounds during the first week itself.
The secret to a great body lies in commitment to doing the exercises regularly and not quitting midway. Regular workout sessions guarantee the desired results.
The workout videos helps to train both the body and mind; once you have firmly made up your mind on losing weight nothing can actually stop you from doing so!
There are different types of exercise routines to choose from and the idea is to select the type that suits your needs.
Progress gradually from low impact aerobic to medium and high impact ones.
Train the upper and lower body alternately but without overstraining your muscles.
Metabolism gradually seeds up and body fat disintegrates.
The choreography in the video is pretty simple with easy-to-follow steps. This makes it very convenient for beginners. The main moves include step-touch, heel digs, grapevine, hamstring curls which are repeated multiple times for the viewers benefit.
Lower body moves include stationary squats, lunges and standing Jane Fonda leg lifts.
Both the workouts finish with stretch exercises and abdominal crunches.

The Jane Fonda workout video has been reviewed by an eminent panel of cardiologists and exercise physiologists and taught by Fonda with two other instructors. The original video guarantees a burning off of 400 calories in a single session. So it is never too late to work out and no one can prove it better than Jane Fonda!

Visit to read through plenty of articles on getting information on aerobics lessons, training regimes, weight-loss techniques and correct eating habits. Jane Fonda workout technique teaches you the importance of staying fit and in shape simply through exercising and eating right.

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